3. Crepe Creations is considering franchising its unique brand of crepes to stall-holders on Hermoza Beach, which is five miles long. CC estimates that on an average day there are 1,000 sunbathers evenly spread along the beach and that each sunbather will buy one crepe per day provided that the price plus any disutility cost does not exceed $5. Each sunbather incurs a disutility cost of getting up from resting to get a crepe and returning to their beach spot of 25 cents for every 14 mile the sunbather has to walk to get to the CC stall. Each crepe costs $0.50 to make and CC incurs a $40 overhead cost per day to operate a stall. How many franchises should CC award given that it determines the prices the stall holders can charge and that it will have a profit-sharing royalty scheme with the stall holders? What will be the price of a crepe at each stall?

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