3) Danny Sports Inc Operation Cutting and Dyeing Sewing Inspection and Packaging X Winter Jackets 12 9 LO 6 y Summer Time Jackets 6 15 6 Available 20400 25200 12000/nProfit margins from Allpro and college Model Constraint Decision Variables Objective function 10,200.00 value S cutting and dyeing sewing Insp and pack 5 Sensitivity Report for Winter Jackets 1400.00 Hrs used 20400 21600 12000 Summer Jackets 800.00 <= <= <= Hrs Available RHS 20400 25200 12000 sack/surpl us 3600/nThe above Excel solver solution is for Dannys Sports. Reiser Sports Inc. It produces Winter Jackets (X) and Summer Jackets (Y) They seek your assistance in order to maximize profits. The Linear Program is as follows and the solver solution is given above MAX 5X + 4Y s.t. 12X + 6Y ≤ 20400 9X+15Y ≤ 25200 6X + 6Y ≤ 12000 X, Y > 0 (Cutting and Dyeing Department hours) (Sewing Department hours) (Inspection and Packaging hours) Provide the complete optimal solution by typing out your answers in the space given 1. What are the optimal values of decision variables 2. What is the objective function value and the Max profit achievable with the given resources? 3. Which constraints are binding? How do you know? 4. Is there any slack/surplus? How much and where? 5. If you had to add hours to any department, which department would you choose to add additional hours to? Justify your answer. 6. Construct the objective coefficient ranges for X and Y

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