3. During a (American) football game, a 86.0-kg receiver leaps into the air, and, in a spectacular play, catches the football at the top of their leap. Just before the

catch, the player was moving away from the ball at a horizontal speed of 8.90 m/s. (a) If the 0.415-kg ball was moving toward the player at a horizontal speed of 24.5 m/s,determine the horizontal speed of the player and ball immediately after the catch. (The speed of the combined player/football after the catch will not be enormously different.)[2 marks] (b) What if the football player was, instead, a 86.0-kg super hero that was running at 8.90 m/sand similarly catches a 5.45-kg cannon ball that was initially travelling at a horizontal speed 195 m/s? What would be the final horizontal speed of the super-hero and cannon ball immediately after the catch? [2 marks]

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