3. Look up the book Graphic Medicine Manifesto online. What can you tell about the audience for this publication? Once you begin reading, add notes about what the tone and internal cues of the article tell you about its audience. 4. After you survey the chapter (page through it to get a visual sense of how it is structured), read through it once and keep an eye out for key concepts/terms. What key concepts seem central to this chapter? Remember that key terms are defined within or explored by the chapter itself-you should not have to look them up in a dictionary. After you've read it, identify and define 2-3 key concepts used in this article. 5. Most articles set out to address a problem and/or pose a question they will answer. In 2-3 sentences, identify the problem central to Williams's chapter and in one sentence identify a central question Williams is pursuing in this chapter. 6. Identify Willliams's argument in 2-3 complete sentences.