3. (Target M4) You are performing an experiment where you need to shoot an electron at a target. Due to space and equipment limitations, you need to first fire the electron in the opposite direction from what is needed, direct it around a quarter-circle, accelerate directly to the side, then direct it around another quarter-circle, as shown below. You have two power supplies which you use to create the potential difference to control the electron's speed, and two magnetic field chambers, which you use to direct the electron's motion. You are unable to adjust the field strength in your magnetic field chambers. The field inchamber 2 is twice as strong as the field in chamber 1. The radius of curvature of the electron'spath is the same for each chamber. (a) For each corner, which direction does the magnetic field need to point? Explain yourreasoning. (b) What is the ratio of the potentials v1/v₂?

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