3. The Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) recommends the following approximated formula for the damage curve of cables (copper conductor): \left[\frac{T}{A}\right]^{2} t=0.0297 \log \left[\frac{T_{2}+234}{T_{1}+234}\right] where: I = current in Amps A = conductor’s area in CICULAR MILS (CM) t = damage time T1 = initial temperature in C T2 = damage (final) temperature in C Demonstrate that this equation is equivalent to the equation derived in class using metric units: I^{2} t=\frac{C D A^{2}}{\rho_{0} \alpha_{0}} \ln \left[\frac{1+\alpha_{0}\left(T_{d}-T_{0}\right)}{1+\alpha_{0}\left(T_{i}-T_{0}\right)}\right]

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