4-16. Ten moles of a gas are placed in a rigid container.Initially the gas is at P= 0.5 bar and T = 300 K and the container is also at T = 300 K. The container D is placed in a furnace, where its surroundings are at a constant T = 600 K. The container is left in the furnace until both the container and the gas inside it reach thermal equilibrium with the surroundings.The gas can be modeled as an ideal gas at the pressures attained throughout this process, and has a constant heat capacity of C= 2.5 R. The container itself has a mass of 10 kg (not including the mass of the gas inside) and a heat capacity of C,= 1.5 J/g K. A. Find the heat added to the gas. B. Find the heat added to the container. C. Find the change in entropy of the gas. D. Find the change in entropy of the universe. E. What aspect of this process is irreversible?

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