4. (18 points) A well-insulated rigid tank contains 5 kg of saturated liquid-vapor mixture of H2O of quality 20% at 100 kPa. An electric heater inside the tank is turned on and kept on until the pressurereached 500 kPa. .

(4c). (4p) Please determine the entropy change of the water during this process and clarify if the total Entropy of the water increased or not during this process.

(4a). (4p) Pleased determine the specific internal energy and specific entropy of water at State 1 and State 2;

(4b) (4p) Please determine the work done by the electric heater during this process.

(4d). (4p) Is entropy transfer involved in this process? If no entropy transfer involved in this closed system, explain why the total entropy increased?

(4e). (2p) Will Sgen be positive for this process? Explain!



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