4. Frequency Identification. Copyright University of Colorado Denver. This is an exam question. The use of any external resources such as Chegg is not allowed. Download the fileRemoteExam2Problem4.mat from the CANVAS Exams folder and load it into MATLAB. This file has the variable x. Make a stem plot of x using stem. b) Write an expression for X(e") by taking the DTFT of x[n]. c) Plot the magnitude of X(e) in MATLAB for 0<ôST (Hint: use abs () to magnitude and make sure your plot has at least 1000 points. One way to do this is W =linspace (0, pi, 1000); d) x[n] is the signal measured from a motion sensor on a patient's chest,vertical position of the sensor. The sampling rate is two samples per second (fs = 2). One breath is one up and down motion. Use your plot from part(c) to fill in the table below. Based on your answers diagnose the patient by picking the most likely condition that best matches the sensor data

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