4. Invasive species are an important contributor to current extinction rates. After being introduced into a new habitat, invasive species are able to grow to unusually large population sizes, and

therefore have negative effects on native species. What makes it possible for populations of invasive species to grow so much and so rapidly? (The best answers will address the Principle of Allocation.) Invasive species have the tendency to grow rapidly due to either having a high reproductive rate,growth rapidly, aggressive against competitors, wide ecological tolerances and ability to disperse effectively. Due to coming out of there native range, invasive species therefore escape factors that would keep them in check, such as predators parasites and diseases therefore allowing them to maintain a high abindace. If the invader is not investing energy into its survival, it therefore have more energy to invest into reproduction. Verses in native species they have to find a balance. the energy that they might be investing into their survival they do not have any energy to invest in reproduction.

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