4. Now build and simulate circuit 2 in Multisim Live, and use current and voltage probes to measure ic(t) and vclt), respectively. a. For the simulation use Interactive mode. b.

Stop the simulation after a few seconds, then select "Split" View to view the circuit and the graph at the same time. This should plot bath current and voltage of the capacitor on the same graph. c. Next, adjust the axes (in settings): 1) Time(s) scale from 0 ta 5ms (to match youranalysis plot), 2) adjust the voltage range to be -0.5 to 5.5 V, and 3) adjust thecurrent range from -15 to 15 mA. d. Beside your circuit, indicate the circuit number, also your first & last name using a text annotation (found in the area with the voltage/current probes). e. Obtain a screen capture of your circuit and the graph results from the "Split"View showing both current and voltage for 5 periods. FOR SUBMITTED LAB REPORT, PLACE THIS AT THE END. f. Your results from your analysis should match your simulation results. If they do not, then make changes with your analysis or your simulation until they agree.Why does the current through the capacitor look different than its voltage?

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