4. Play experiences are associated with our human innate, biological drives/needs, including some of the following: EXPLORATION: Play can be driven by a curiosity and desire to explore and learn about the world, including exploring new environments, trying out new activities, and discovering new information. PLEASURE AND ENJOYMENT: Play can be driven by a desire for pleasure and enjoyment, including engaging in activities that are fun, entertaining, and enjoyable. SOCIAL INTERACTION: Play can be a way to connect with others and build relationships, including engaging in activities with friends, family, and peers, using play to learn social skills and developing emotional intelligence. CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION: Play can be a way to express creativity and imagination, including engaging in activities like art, music, and imaginative play. MASTERY AND ACCOMPLISHMENT: Play can be a way to develop skills and achieve a sense of mastery and accomplishment., such as engaging in activities like sports, games, and other competitive activities. When looking back at your play experiences, how are they connected to these needs/drives? Explain and provide examples.

Fig: 1