This task requires you to write fully functioning Matlab code to achieve the following objectives.Please read the objectives very carefully to ensure you are making the correct calculations. Each objective contains an output which should be displayed in Matlab's output window. The course work submission should contain the full code with appropriate comments and screen-grabs of the output window to demonstrate functionality. It is recommended that the code is copied and pasted directly from Matlab into your word-processing document with no further formatting so that we may copy and paste it back into Matlab for testing when marking. It is probably easier to start with smaller matrices e.g. 2x2 or 3x3 (which you can easily calculate by hand) before trying the 10x10 but the best code will be scalable (i.e. capable of handling any size of matrix). 2. Design an algorithm to create the matrix of co factors of A without using any inbuilt co factor function of MATLAB but you can use the determinant function: det(A).Output: Matrix of co factors(10 marks) 3. Use the matrix of co factors calculated in part 2 to determine the adjoint of A.Output: Adjoint of A 4. Use the Adjoint calculated in part 3 to determine the inverse of AOutput: Inverse of A 5. Solve AX = b using the inverse matrix calculated in part 4Output: Solution 1 for X 6. Confirm the result of part 4 using Matlab's backslash method Output: Solution 2 for X 7. Design an algorithm to form the upper triangular matrix of A using the allowable row operations of Gaussian elimination.Output: Upper triangular matrix(20 marks) 8. Solve AX = b using the upper triangular matrix calculated in part 7Output: Solution 3 for X(5 marks)

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