5.1 Submission For submission, you must submit three files (slip.hs, tests.slip, and rapport.tex) through the Moodle (also known as StudiUM) page of the course. Make sure the report compiles correctly on

ens.iro (which you can connect to via SSH). 6 Details - The grade will be divided as follows: 25% for the report, 60% for the code (divided between s21, hinsert, and eval), and 15% for the tests. - Any use of material (code or text) borrowed from someone else (found on the web,...) must be properly cited, otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism. - The code must in no case exceed 80 columns. - Check the course web page for any errata, and other additional instructions. - The grade is based on two parts: automatic tests, reading of the code, and the report. The most important criterion is that your code should behave correctly. Next comes the quality of the code: the simpler, the better. If there are many comments, it is usually a sign that the code is not clear; but of course,

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