5.1. Submit a Project Proposal that describes the topic and the implementation plan of your project, on the designated date of the class syllabus. Follow the template in the "Guidelines to

project Proposal" file for preparing and organizing the proposal. The Project Proposal should clearly state, identify, and indicate "what is new," "what is novel" or "what is innovative" in your work of the project. Most often, a Web search, a literature review, and a preliminary study of the subject and relevant technology are needed before a topic or development of a project can be identified on which you are able to answer the above questions. If the project is based on, or as an extension of some other people's work, a published paper, an Internet resource, or your own previous work (including the one that you did for other class in UNO), indicate the case by adding a section in the project proposal as well as in the mid-term and final reports to detail the differences (how and why) between your current project and the previous, or original work of yours and others. Follow this file name format for your submission: - PR-Proposal John Smith - PR-Proposal