5.7 Questions: 1. Describe the function of the assembler directives: equ, .section, .byte, .ascii, and .end. 2. If the following data is in these registers or memory, Register R0 = 0xB7 Register R1-0x2000.0040 Memory address 0x2000.0040=0x65 Memory address 0x2000.0042=0x7A What numbers are in registers RO and R1 after each of the following instructions is executed? a. LDRB RO, [R1, #2] b. LDRB RO, [R1], #2 c. LDRB R0, [R1, #2]! 3. Extra Credit: There are 50 students in the class and you want to input their one digit grades after displaying Grades for the next student on the screen. Write a program that uses InChar and OutStr to perform this input and display operation only. No conversion or storage operation needs to be done (unless you want to!).

Fig: 1