5. Please consider the Turbine described in Problem 4. An OSU Engineer was assigned to the Turbine and she was able get the Turbine to run in the Ideal State. a. Please sketch the Turbine in the Ideal State. Please include data for the Inlet, Exit, heat leak, and power production. For the Inlet, all data should be the same as for the Real Case. At the Exit, P will be the same, but Nature will determine T. b. Please show that the reduction of the Energy Balance for the Ideal Process yields Eq. Ted. We will allow Q → 0 below. c. Please show that the reduction of the Entropy Balance for the Real Process yields Eq. Bill. We will allow Q → 0 below. d. Use Eq. Ted to eliminate Q in Eq. Bill resulting in “Bill and Ted's Excellent Eq." or the “Combine Energy and Entropy Eq. for an Ideal System." e. Allow Q → 0 and use the Equation derived in Part d to determine Wideal in kW. f. Please use the definition of WLost to determine WLost in kW. g. Please find the Second Law Efficiency for in the Turbine w.r.t. to the Carnot Cycle. h. Please determine the Second Law Efficiency w.r.t. the Ideal Turbine.