5. Speed reduction, either through gearing or belt-pulley constructs, is an important element in motion system design. Similarly, converting rotary motion to linear motion is an important consideration. Considering a printer system driven by a stepper motor with 200 steps per revolution, construct a table that shows the relationships for: a. Position resolution of the print head vs. angular position of the motor. This translates to addressable print dots per mm vs. step angle. b. Print head speed (mm/S) vs. motor speed (Steps/S with rpm also noted) c. Frictional load at the print head (mN) vs. reflected torque at the motor (mNM) Mass of the print head vs. reflected inertia to the motor d. Use GR for Speed Reduction, r (mm) for the radius of the drive pulley, and m (grams) for print-head mass. game for the mana Belt Actuator Load Drive Pulley Secondary Pulley Linear Guide Belt Primary Pulley Motor

Fig: 1