(50pts) One period of periodic function is described by the following equations: i(t)=-8 t A-5 m s \leq t \leq 5 m s i(t)=-40 \mathrm{~mA} \quad 5 \mathrm{~ms} \leq t \leq 15 \mathrm{~ms} i(t)=8 t-0.16 A \quad 15 m s \leq t \leq 25 m s i(t)=40 A \quad 25 \mathrm{~ms} \leq t \leq 35 \mathrm{~ms} a) Plot this periodic function in time [-45ms, 75ms]. (5pts) b) What is the fundamental frequency in hertz? (5pts) c) Is the function even? Is the function odd? (5pts) d) Does the function have half-wave symmetry? Does the function have quarter-wave symmetry? (5pts) e) Give the numerical expression for ap, ar, b-(30pts)

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