6. In this case scenario, Green Company, an environmentally sustainable company,has asked you to help design an ethics communication and training program for all Green Co. employees. Your meetings to

date have been with the head of human resources. As you begin your research, Green's corporate counsel informs you that you will not be allowed to ask employees about ethical dilemmas that have occurred at Green. He specifically tells you to get your information from other sources such as press accounts of problems in the industry, or from other organizations with which you've worked. In addition, the head of human resources has told you that you'll be unable to meet the three most senior executives because they're busy negotiating a large acquisition. You will have access to other high-level managers who can tell you what they think the seniors want. Based on what you have learned about business ethical cultures, identify the ethical problems presented in this case and decide if you should take the job. What should you do?

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