6. Several research papers use a sinusoidal graph to model blood pressure. Suppose an individual's blood pressure is modeled by the graph, P(t) below. The maximum value of P is

the systolic pressure, which is the pressure when the heart contracts(beats), the minimum value is the diastolic pressure, and t is time, in seconds. One period represents one heart beat. The heart rate is the number of beats per minute. (13 points) Please be sure to read the instructions on this problem, as it gives necessary information to answer the parts below. a. What is the individual's systolic pressure? b. What is the individual's diastolic pressure? c. How long does it take for the person's heart to make one beat? d. What is this person's heart rate? e. Note the midline, amplitude, period (answer to part c), and use these to write a formula for this graph.Note you can write this function without a phase shift.

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