6.10. The beam shown in Fig. P6.10 is simply supported with a clear span of 26 ft and is to carry a distributed dead load of 1.05 kips/ft including its

own weight and live load of 1.62 kips/ft, unfactored, in service. The reinforcement consists of five No. 10 (No. 32) bars at a 16 in. effective depth, two of which are to be discontinued where no longer needed. Material strengths specified= 60,000 psi and f 5000 psi. No. 3 (No. 10) stirrups are used with are fa cover of 1.5 in. at spacing less than ACI Code maximum. (a) Calculate the point where two bars can be discontinued. (b) Check to be sure that adequate embedded length is provided for continued and discontinued bars.

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