7. Using circuit 1 built earlier, attach different load resistors at A,B and measure the current and voltage that results at through the load resistor as shown in Figure A.

Then calculate the power absorbed by the load resistor. Note that the first line in the table is Isc and the last line is VTn. a. For simulation use Interactive. While the simulation is running, click on the resistance to change its value and notice how the current and voltage changes. b. Complete the table below: c. At what Ri does the peak power occur? Does this agree with your analysis? d. Now plot on the next page the I-V Characteristic curve by plotting the measured ordered pairs (V, I) for each entry in the table. Be sure to include the pairs (0,Isc) and (Voc,0) in your plat. Finally, connect the ordered pairs by drawing a line from (0,lsc) to (Voc,0).

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