8.63 Water is the working fluid in a cogeneration cycle that generates electricity and provides heat for campus buildings. Steam at 2 MPa, 320°C enters a two-stage turbine with a mass

flow rate of 0.82 kg/s. A fraction of the total flow, 0.141, is extracted between the two stages at 0.15 MPa to provide for building heating, and the remainder expands through the second stage to the condenser pressure of 0.06 bar. Condensate returns from the campus buildings at 0.1 MPa, 60°C and passes through a trap into the condenser, where it bis reunited with the main feedwater flow. Saturated liquid leaves the condenser at 0.06 bar. Each turbine stage has an isentropic efficiency of 80%, and the pumping process can be considered isent Determine (a) the rate of acht through the steam (b) the power to the working fluid passing satrin kih.g ma DinkJ/h. od juqni