8. A registered nurse (RN) desires her local nursing staff to be more consistent in the care of patients needs than nursing staff at other hospitals. A national nursing organization claims that the score patients give, on average, to nurses across the nation on a "care survey" is 122 points with a standard deviation of 45 points. To test her staff's performance, the RN randomly selects fifty patients during the last two months and receives "care survey" responses from those patients. The standard deviation of this sample group is found to be 41 Use an appropriate hypothesis test at the 5% significance level to determine if the RN should conclude that the consistency in care by her staff is better than the national care (as measured by a statistically significant smaller standard deviation value). a Give the null and alternative hypotheses for this test in symbolic form. b. After applying a correct hypothesis test, write a statement to give the RN, explaining the results of the hypothesis test Make your statement tie to the context of the patient care survey question of variability in measures.

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