8. An office building has the following floor plan: 1 2 A B C Beam A1-A2 D Girder A1-G1 10 ft 15 ft 15 ft E F G 10 ft 25 ft (TYP) 5 ft The office building dead load consists only of a concrete slab 6" thick and 10 psf of additional unfactored dead load for HVAC. The slab is made of normal weight concrete (150 pounds per cubic foot). The floor must carry a standard office live load of 80 psf. a) Find the factored floor load in psf (5 points) b) Find the reactions of the beams acting on Girder A1-G1 (10 points) c) Find the reactions of Girder A1-G1 on Columns A1 and G1 (10 points) 5 ft

Fig: 1