A linearly polarised plane electromagnetic wave of wavelength 450 nm is

incident normally on the surface of a metal with electrical conductivity 1.69x 10²

(Ohm m)-¹.

a) Find the skin depth of the wave when it is inside the metal.


b) Find the phase speed of the wave when it is in this metal.



c) Find how much energy of the incident wave in terms of percentage has

been lost in the metal. Can the metal be used to make a good mirror?

d) If the angle of incidence is 45°, find the angle of refraction.



a) What is a Tee junction? Write down the types of the Tee junction based on

the construction.


b) What is a Magic Tee? Explain the function of ports and different cases of

signals entering and exiting at the ports of the Magic Tee.


c) What is the use of a radio-frequency (RF) Filter? Write down types of the

RF filter based on the frequency of operation.


d) Draw and briefly describe the curves of Low-pass and High-pass filters.


Fig: 1