9) Your parents are planning to have the entire family over for a holiday dinner (next year because we are social distancing this year). They want to cook a 28lb

turkey, but the cookbook only provides information to 24 Ibs. Knowing that you are a brilliant engineering student, they come to you for help. This is your chance to show off your dimensional analysis skills. The time required to cook a turkey, to is dependent on the thermal diffusivity, a and the size of the turkey indicated by a characteristic length scale, a) Form the relevant pi groups for this problem. b) Assuming that the turkey is spherical shaped so that the size is proportional to the weight3, show that the cooking time is proportional to weight23. c) Using the data given, determine the correlation between cooking time and weight. (this is probably easiest done using a Trendline in Excel) d) Calculate the cooking time for a 28lb turkey.

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