A 208V three-phase power system, shown in Figure Q1a, consists of an ideal 208V Y-connected three-phase generator connected through a three-phase transmission line to a Y-connected load. The transmission line has an impedance of 0.06+j0.12 OHMS per phase and the load has an impedance of 12+j9 OHMS per phase .Given that the system is balanced, find The magnitude of the line current IL. The magnitude of the load's line and phase voltages Vu and(3 marks) The real, reactive, and the apparent powers consumed by theload.(3 marks) The power factor of the load. A 15 kVA single-phase transformer, turns ratio 1800/60, operatesat full load. The high voltage winding is connected to a 3.3 kV, 50Hz supply. Calculate the following: The primary current. The secondary current. The primary ampere turns.Tho cobeno The secondary ampere turns. The secondary voltage.

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