A 76-hp (shaft output) motor that has an efficiency of 91.5 percent is worn out and is to be replaced by a high efficiency motor that has an efficiency of

95.6 percent. The motor operates 4368 hours a year at a load factor of 0.78. Taking the cost of electricity to be$0.15/kWh, determine: a) the amount of energy (kWh/year) and money ($/year) saved as a result of installing the high-efficiency motor instead of the standard motor.(20 points) b) the simple payback period (in months) if the purchase prices of the standard and high-efficiency motors are $5449 and $5520, respectively.(10 points) c) If the life of the motor is 2 years, is it cost effective to buy 91.5% efficiency motor or 95.6%efficiency motor? Explain.(10 points)

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