(a) A new machine learning method was developed to predict whether a person has a particular disease using blood test results. The new machine learning method was then tested on 200 random selected persons. Its confusion matrix is given below.

i. Calculate the accuracy of the machine learning method. ii. Compute sensitivity and specificity of the machine learning method. iii. What is the false positive rate? (b) A receiver operating characteristics (ROC) graph is a technique for visualizing and selecting classifiers based on their performance. i. On a diagram, draw the ROC of an ideal classification method and a "no information" classifier, respectively.[4 marks] ii. Briefly explain the meaning of the area under the ROC curve (AUC).What is the AUC value of the "no information" classifier? [4 marks] (c) Compare and contrast linear regression method and k-nearest neighbours regression method. (d) How can you deal with synergy effect in linear regression method?

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