A and B react at constant T and P as ideal gases (only A, B and inert I arepresent in the feed): A+B \rightarrow R, \text { with }-r_{A}=k C_{A}^{0.800}

C_{B}^{0.500} \frac{\mathrm{mol} / \mathrm{hr}}{\mathrm{m}^{3}}, \text { where } k=12.87 \frac{\mathrm{m}^{0.9}}{\mathrm{~mol}^{0.3} \mathrm{hr}} When the feed rate is 100. m³/hr, you need to obtain 75% conversion of A in afeed stream with CAO = 30.0, CB0 = 30.0 and Ci0 = 60.0, all in mol/m3. Complete the table shown below and use the "Simpson's 4 rule" the CHE 443numerical integrals handout to evaluate the appropriate integral required, then calculate the required volume of a PFR in m³ to obtain the specified conversion for this feed stream.

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