A building has the following calculated cooling loads: RSH gain- 310 kW, RLH gain- 100 kW The space is maintained at the following conditions: Room DBT-25°C, Room RH-50% Outdoor air is at 28°C and 50% RH. And 10% by mas of air upplied to the building is outdoor air. If the air supplied to the space is not to be at a temperature lower than18°C, find: a) Minimnum amount of air applied to space in m/. (2 marks) b) Volume flow rates of return (recirculated room) air, exhaust air, and outdoor air. (2 marks) e) State and volume flow rate of air entering the cooling coil. (2 mor ks) d) Refrigeration capacity, ADP, BPF and SHI of the cooling coil. (4 marks)

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