a) Calculate the fugacity of any one of the following liquids at a normal boiling point (Tn) and 150 bar: (a) Ethylene; or (b) Ethanol; or (c) Benzene. Given: R= 83.145 bar-cm/ (mol·K) en.Please, use the critical properties found in the textbook "Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics" by Smith found on Canvas. For an ideal gas prove that: \frac{\Delta S}{R}=\int_{T_{o}}^{T} \frac{C_{V}^{i g}}{R} \frac{d T}{T}+\ln \left(\frac{V}{V_{o}}\right) c) A flue gas cools from 1950 to 250°F and the heat stream lost is used for the production of saturated steam at 172°F in a boiler. The heat capacity of the flue gas is given by: 2 = 3.83 + 0.000306 T, where T is in °R (Rankine).CPR The inlet stream to the boiler is at 172°F and liquid water vaporization happens at the same temperature. Calculate the work lost during this process, in (Btu)(Ib mole) of flue gas using as a reference the surroundings' temperature i.e. at 70°F. Given:water latent heat of vaporization=970.3(Btu)(lbmole). R(\text { ideal gas constant })=1.985(B t u)(l b \text { mole })^{-1}{ }^{o} R^{-1} .

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