(a) Calculate the maximum EMF Em and the maximum currentIm in the RLC circuit described at right. The "rms" = root-mean-square value of anything oscillatingsinusoidally is its peak value divided by v2. (b) Find the magnitude and sign of the phase ø by which the driving EMF leads the current. A negative phase means that the driving EMF lags the current ...which is the case here? Does your answer make sense given the reactances you calculated earlier? (c) Draw the phasor diagram for this circuit, giving numerical values for the lengths of each phasor ( (d) What is the resonant frequency wo of this circuit? (e) Calculate the maximum energies UL,max and Uc,max Stored in the inductor and capacitor. (f) Assume that the angular frequency o of the generator is variable. For what o is the total impedance Z equal to 2R? Hint- you will get a quadratic equation.

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