A) Calculate the minimum pipe thickness based on requirements of ASME B31.3, considering proper Corrosion & Mill Tolerance Allowances, while selecting nominal thickness. The pipe should be designed for crude serve at refinery and having the following data :- ( 3.5 marks ) Design Pressure, P= 800psi Design Temperature, T=350 F Nominal Pipe Diameter, 6 in Pipe Schedule ( STD, 5S,10S,XS,XSS ..etc) Mechanical Allowances inc. Corrosion Allowance,=0..23 in Mill Tolerance12.5% Type of pipe= seamless Outside Diameter, 6.5in Allowable Stress, S=15000 psi B) If the above given data is for a crude line transferred from one of the gathering center at Ahmadi to the Refinery, and needed to be utilized to design the pipe. What would be the minimum wall thickness to allow for a stress of 25,000 psi.( use code B31.4) (2 marks) C) Analyze the answers for A & B, compare, and state the reasons behind your selection. (

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