A car with a mass 700 kg travels uphill on a path that is described by the equation y=25-x2/49 where y and x 'are measured in meters. At point A, x = 35 m, the components of the velocity and accelerations along x-axis are vx = -5.735 m/s and ax =- 2.351m/s2 respectively at this instant respectively determine a) The y component of the velocity vy. b) The y component of the acceleration a,. c) The magnitude of the velocity (speed) |v|. d) The direction of the velocity Lv (positive angle in degrees measured counterclockwisefrom positive x coordinate). e) The tangential component of the acceleration a;. f) The normal component of the acceleration an. g) Optional: In the figure below, show the directions of a, and an.

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