Problem 2: (Jet-Propulsion System). Air enters the turbojet engine at 12 psi, 430 R and an inlet velocity of 910 ft/sec.The pressure ratio across the compressor is 8. The turbine inlet temperature is 2150 R and the pressure at the nozzle exit is 12 psi. The work developed by the turbine just equals the compressor work input. The diffuser, compressor, turbine and nozzle processes are isentropic and there is no pressure drop for the flow through the combustor. For operation steady state, (a) determine the velocity at the nozzle exit and (b) the pressure at each principal state.Neglect the kinetic energy at the exit of all components except the nozzle and neglect potential energy throughout. Note:This problem is in English Units. You have English Units Table in Appendix 2, starting on page 947. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can convert unit of pressure, temperature and velocity into SI units and solve the problem.

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