A dipole and a solid sphere of charge +Q are oriented as shownin Figure. The dipole consists of two charges q and - q, heldapart by a rod of length s. The center of the dipole and thesphere are at a distance d from the location A. q = 4 nC, s =1 mm, d = 30 cm, and Q = 15 nC. a. (10 points) Find the magnitude of the electric field Edipole due to the dipole at the location A. b. (10 points) Draw the direction of the electric field due to the dipole at the location A and write the electricfield as a vector Edipole: c. (10 points) Find the electric field vector Esolid sphere due to the solid sphere at the location A.Solid d. (10 points) Find the net electric field vector Enet at location A due to dipole and the solid sphere. e. (10 points) If an electron is placed at location A, what would be the net electric force vector Fnet on the electron?

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