Manufacturing Process

a) During your KB5006 practical session Characterisation", you have shown how to characterize the sheet resistance of a few pieces of carbon coated paper which were cut from the same original sheet:"Surface and Thin Film Coating

A large plain carbon paper

A few "carbon paper strips" with rectangular and serpentine shapes – squares marked on the backside of them.

1. Performing 4-point probe measurement on the large plain carbon paper to obtain sheet resistance values;

2. Using an electrical multi-meter to measure the resistance between two ends of each "carbon paper strips", before working out "number of squares", before calculating the sheet resistance values.

The results from Method 1 are usually different to Method 2, discuss THREE potential reasons for this difference.(12 marks)

i) Assuming positive photo resist will be used, combined with lift-off process to form the shape. Please indicate which part of the mask is the light blocking chrome, and which part is the transparent glass.

b) In the above Question 3b, the Aluminium (Al) rectangular electrode coated the middle area of a square Glass (SIO2) substrate (Figure 1_Q3b, dark-field is aluminium material, white-field is exposed substrate).

ii) Sketch the step-by-step process flow for the process described in (4b) –assuming positive photo resist and lift-off process, starting with a bare glass(SiO2) substrate, in standard cross-sectional view.

Sketch the photolithography mask required to pattern the above shape, using the following process:



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