There are two loads on the ladder, the person working and the roofing materials. The person is a concentrated force of 150 lbs. and the materials is a distributed force ranging from 200 to 100 lb./ft. The location of both are indicated in the diagram. A is a pin support as indicated on the diagram. C is resting on the frictionless surface as indicated on the diagram. Cae one: Determine the reactions at A and C for the first case. Assume B is a welded connection. (stiff) For case two, assume B is a pin connection. What is the largest weight the ladder can support if the painter is standing in the same location. Case One: Ax_----- Ay------ R@C-------_ Case Two: Weight of Painter_ A four foot folding ladder is being considered for a work platform on a sloping roof. The roof angle is 38 degrees and the ladder needs to be horizontal when placed on the roof as shown in the free-body-diagram.

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