A furnace burns methane (CHL) that enters at 115'F, 1 atm, with 155% theoretical air to produce steam in a Rankine cycle power plant. The incoming air has a moisture

content of 1.3% and enters the furnace at a temperature of 105°F. The required rate of heat addition to the steam is 689.8 x 10 Btu/hr. The combustion gas exits the furnace to the environment at a temperature of 266°F, and the reference temperature is 77°F. No sorbent is uscd,there is no additional moisture in the fuel and there is no residue (ash) formed. The losses due to radiation and convection are 0.53%, and other losses are estimated at 1.75%, and assume complete combustion (no unburned carbon). Assume a higher heating value of 23880 Btu/lb for the fuel. - The required mass flow rate of the wet flue gas. The mass flow rate of the fuel. (c) The required mass flow rate of the combustion air. ) Complete the attached combustion calculation worksheet.

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