A gas turbine cycle with regenerator is used to generate power where air enters the compressor at 20 °C and a rate of 6 kg/s. The pressure ratio is 10,

and the compressor and turbine isentropic efficiencies are approximately 0.85 and 0.9respectively. The turbine inlet temperature is 900 °C and turbine exhaust is used to preheat air that exits the compressor. Approach your analysis as follows Air/exhaust gases are ideal gases Assume constant specific heat of 1.0 kJ/kg. K Assume constant specific heat ratio of 1.4 Combustion Chamber effectiveness is 0.8 1) Draw the system showing all components and number all processes 2) Draw the system in T-s diagram and label all processes (work in, heat out ..) 3) Compressor work, in kW 4) Turbine work, in kW 5) Combustion Chamber inlet temperature, in Kelvin 6) Combustion Chamber heat transfer, in kW 7) Cycle thermal efficiency

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