A mass m = 2.26 kg is released from rest at the top of a curved ramp (position A), at a height h = 1.35 m. The ramp connects smoothly at position B with a flat, horizontal surface made from the same material. After sliding down the ramp the mass comes to rest at position C. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the mass and the ramp are μ = 0.626 and μ = 0.449 respectively. The positive x-direction is to the right. Part 1) The distance between positions B and C is 0.320 m. What is the speed of the mass at point B? Part 2) What is the magnitude of the work done on the mass by friction between positions A and B? Part 3) The curved part of the ramp (between positions A and B) is now coated with a special frictionless material. Between positions B and C the friction properties remain unchanged. The mass is replaced at position A and once again released from rest. What is the new speed of the mass at position B and at position C?

Fig: 1