A mixture of gases consists of 0.35 kg of Ammonia, 0.8 kg of carbon monoxide and 0.4 kg of Air. This mixture is maintained at 200 kPa and 27°C. Assume Specific heat at constant volume (Cv) of Ammonia is approximate the same as its Cp. (a) Determine: (i) Apparent molar mass of the mixture. (ii) Partial pressures of the three component gases. (iii) Gas constant of the mixture. (iv) Specific heat at constant volume of the mixture. (b) A room contains air at 25°C and 103 kPa at a relative humidity of 60%. Determine: (i) Partial pressure of the dry air. (ii) Specific humidity of the air. (iii) Enthalpy per unit mass of dry air.

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