A particle moves left and right in a straight tunnel. The particle's velocity s(t) (in meters persecond) during the time interval 0, 10 seconds is given below. Assume that the particle startsat the center of the tunnel at time t = 0 and that positive velocity corresponds to motiontowards the right end of the tunnel. Determine whether the particle is moving to the right or to the left at t = 6 and whether theparticle is to the left or to the right of the center of the tunnel at t = 6. Explain your reasoning. Determine when the particle is farthest from the center of the tunnel on the interval 0 < t < 6.Explain your reasoning. 2 PointsUsing an integral, express particle's average velocity over the interval 1 <t< 9. You do notneed to find the particle's average velocity, you just need to write down an expression for theaverage velocity.

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