A place somewhere in USA has a time difference with prime meridian about 7 hours, 35minutes, 24 seconds exactly. The place has latitude of 32.20 N and solar noon occurs at that place at 12:24, local standard time. Suppose your PV design and installation company has won the bid to set up a solar PV power plant at that place. For the purpose of shadow analysis, your team of design engineers is curious to find out the position of the Sun on 21st July, 2:30 PM local standard time. This way you also get the idea about how to optimize the module/array angel to get maximum solar radiation in summer. Now answer the following questions: What is the longitude of the place (in deg, min, sec)? What is the 'Declination angel' for that day (in deg)? Calculate 'Hour angel' Calculate Elevation angel of the sun Calculate Zenith angel of the sun Calculate Air Mass value at that time.

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