(a) Plot the temperature profile T(y), with y on the vertical axis and T(y) on the horizontal axis (i.e., in the same kind of axes as Figure 6.2 of the textbook), if T, = 27°C, T, = 127°C, and U∞ = 0.1 m/s.Your plot should go from y=0 to 2 mm, with suggested increments of 0.01 mm. Please make sure you label plot axes with correct variables and units. Does this look like Figure 6.2? Why or why not? (b) What do you estimate is the height of the thermal boundary layer thickness (8t)? Why do you think that? Partial Ans: ~1.4 mm (c) Calculate the heat flux at the wall (g"). Ans: -9.9 kW (d) Calculate the heat transfer coefficient (h).

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