A project management system is being installed to better organise communication during the construction of a large dam in a complicated region where a road will need to be constructed. A team of engineering consultants have been hired to oversee the process and provide the client with the necessary information from the contractors as the project progresses. The project will be completed in three stages as all are entirely independent. а.Which engineering teams are likely to work on the project? b. The consultants are not in agreement with the soil compaction method proposed and believe another should be used for the quality of soil in the region. What information will they need to assess from the current method and propose as an alternative? C.How can the information be organised during the project taking into consideration that all stages are independent? d. As part of the project a road will be constructed to give access to the construction site. What are the considerations to take into account for this task and the necessary information to provide? е.What type of information exchange are the consultants likely to be engaged in on a regular basis? f.The sub-contractor sends a complaint about delayed wages to the client of the project. How does the client communicate to the sub-contractor?

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