A python Application to determine if a student total grade is enough to pass the course Write a python program that asks the user to enter the course work and exam grades in their course and then, it calculates the weighted sum and determines if the student passed the course or not. You need to ask the user for the following information in this order: • full name, • homework grade, • group presentation grade • midterm exam grade, • final exam grade, Read all the above data and save each data in its own variable with meaningful variable names. Calculate the class total and the letter grade based on the course assessment: Homework 15% Group Presentation 15% Midterm exam 35% Final exam 35% Below is a weights formula to calculate a student's total grade based on above assessment: Total = homework * 0.15 + groupPresentation * 0.15 + midterm *0.35 + final * 0.35 The program should print on the screen as output the following: a) All data read, b) the calculated class total numeric grade, and c) if the student passed or not (a passing grade is 70 or higher). Below are 2 sample example of running the program.

Fig: 1